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              Our marketing campaign including / 我們的營銷產品和服務:    

              • Online advertising  (website & app)  in ausproperty.cn/ 網絡廣告

                Our marketing campaign including company introduction, property introduction, exhibition promotion, investment comments, as well as a wide range of display advertising for you to choose from.


              • Traditional media advertising / 傳統媒體廣告  (報紙,電視)

                We have long cooperation history with various influencial media and well-know the strict advertising policies in mainland China.We provide customerized comprehensive media marketing solution.


              • EDM & SMS / 精準郵件及短信營銷

                During these 4 year we have gained a large number of Australian property customers, which enables us to provide emails and SMS compaign to targeted market for our members.


              • Exhibition & Seminar / 展會活動  

                Exhibition events is very popular in mainland China and if you would like to arrange an event of same kind, we will provide services including venue reservation, inviting clients, advertising, and all the event planning and execution services except on-site sales.


              • Site viewing tour arrangement / 看房團組織和安排

                Research suggested that 60% of clients don't make final decision before site-viewing. We have rich experience in organizing site-viewing tour, including tour design, visa application, transportation, accomodation, on-site reception etc. Our tour package focuses on property sales to help our memebers boom their business.


              • Project Website design in Chinese & Network Promotion / 項目中文網站制作及網絡營銷. 

                The majority buyers of Australian property are not English readers, combined with low internet access speed or unaccessability to oversea weibsite because of government restriction. Hence, it's highly suggested to have a professional Chinese website when you plan to launch business into China market.Besides of website design, we also enhance website popularity by optimize webiste structure to raise contract rate and make your website the best marketing solution.

                澳洲房產的國內買家大部分都無法閱讀完整的英文資料,并且國外網站在國內的訪問速度實難忍受,甚至有一些網站因為政府限制的原因完全無法訪問。   因此,如果您計劃進入中國市場,一個專業的中文網站是非常必要的。除了網站建設以外,我們還將利用豐富的網絡推廣經驗提升網站曝光度,優化網站樣式與結構提升訪客成交率,讓網站真正成為您的營銷利器。




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